Thursday, August 26, 2010

James Corbett: Car Part Sculptor

James, from Ningi, Queensland, Australia has been sculpting his incredibly life like pieces since early 1999, and since that time his unique works have found homes in all capital cities in Australia, also England, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S.A.

James discovered his talent for creating his amazing pieces of art whilst running an auto recycling business in Brisbane . His first piece was an off road race buggy, inspired by a sport James had participated in for some ten years. The response from friends and customers was so positive that he was encouraged to create more pieces; cars, bikes animals and birds, all of which sold readily. James likes to incorporate old and interesting car parts into his sculptures. Nothing is bent into shape; the original integrity of each car part is maintained. “The parts themselves are often interesting, some are as much as eighty years old”, says James

To read more about James Corbett and see more of his spectacular sculptures, check out his website:

Here are a few pictures for those of you who don't feel as adventurous.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lowside Syndicate Issue 3.... Err August Party

Lowside had a few snags and wasnt able to get the magazine out before the party. That was pretty much the only snag for the whole thing. Way more people turned out than was expected and it was a spectacular time. The bands, the bikes, the cars, the food, the beer, the dirt, the venue...Hell, everything was great. I thought that the party was going to be in a bar and out in a parking lot. It turned out to be everywhere and the main area was out in a dirt field in the middle of the woods.

I didnt stay past dark because I had made commitments to be elsewhere that night. Here are a few shots from early on in the ho-down.

I love this color.

Thanks again to Lowside Syndicate for a great magazine and a great time. Also, thanks to the Horse U Pub for providing a great venue.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Carbs for a new project

Here's a set of sexy carbs that I picked up yesterday for a project I havent mentioned much here. In a few weeks I'll throw up some pictures of the bike. Jeff at Saint Motorbikes posted a few teasers from when I stopped by in the wee hours of the night to harass him.

This pair of beauties is a Cycle Xchange twin carb setup. Two VM34 mikuni round slides with a cast aluminum manifold to adapt them to the CB750. Ken claims a good boost in power with these. I think they'll look nice with the type of bike I'm currently working on. Something simple yet complex. Refined, yet rugged. Vintage, yet advanced. Confusing right?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't Kill a Honda 750

The age-old question; "Should I buy this"? Our buddy Carl scrounged this bike up on eBay. It was cheap and had a title. If the engine turned over he was gonna buy it. It did, so it's in the shop now.

It was last registered in '94 in Hawaii. How it made it to MD is a mystery, though judging by the condition it was dragged here behind a ship. We'll spare you all the gory details, but the only thing in there worth salvaging was the engine, and that's only if it'll run. We weren't going through the trouble to pull it and clean it before trying it out, so with some jury-rigged wiring to the original coils, a set of clean carbs off Carl's other bike, and a battery it was time to see what was left in that old motor.

Not only does it run, it idles better than his daily rider! Mission accomplished for now. We'll cut it the rest of the way down later.

Lowside Syndicate Issue 3 Release Party

Taken Directly from the Fat Cat's mouth. Said Fat Cat being Rich of Lowside Syn.

"Get ready to party and have a good time and see some cool stuff with some cool people. Where else are you going to go to see a bike and car show, hear 7 bands and not pay a buck? No where! However we are asking for donations and to participate in raffles to win some good swag from some of our vendors. All your money goes directly to support the bands, our charity to help kids whose parents in the military have been killed or injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, and helping out a friend Joe the fish from Philly who was hit this week on his bike by a dumb ass in a minivan and is pretty banged up. Rain or Shine we are having a good time and you will be a part of making something new happen in this town!"

So come on down (or up) to the Horseshoe Pub in Kingsville, Md and you'll be sure to enjoy your Saturday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sinfully Delicious

Johnny Walker Blue and Coke. It's such a sin to mix $200.00 Whiskey with $1.00 Coke, but I now have a new favorite drink. It will be another decade or so before I can afford it, but it's something to dream about. If you ever have the chance, you to should indulge.

Cheers to good Whiskey.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carlisle Bike Fest 2010

Well it was about a week ago, so sorry for being a bit late about posting. Things have been pretty busy around here with a bunch of new projects.

Carlisle (Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA) is always a blast no matter what the event. I bought my first car up there in 2001 (1972 Dodge Dart Swinger). I had been wanting to go to the bike fest for a while, but things always got in the way. Well this time I was free. The only thing standing in the way was the humidity and the 105 degree record setting heat.

I put on my game face (and sun screen) and marched out into the fields of vendors, swappers, and shiny things galore.

One of the few CB750's we saw there on Saturday. I swear I know this dude.

Rad Bro.

Though not my style, the detail on this thing was impressive.

The million dollar tank... Or 28.

Steampunk junk for Jeff. The bike had some pretty cool stuff on it.

All original. Kept in storage for 95% of it's life. I spoke with the owner and it was just a series of bad events that left this beauty sitting around.

TURBO! Schwing!


One of the sexiest SB/F girders I've seen. They're so well built.

Exactly what the 'busa was missing... Two more wheels.

This one's been around the block. Maybe once on an actual city block. A lot of nice work.

Hell yes. This was sitting right next to the worlds fastest lawn tractor. 4 wheel steer, hydraulic powaaaa.

Caught some people doing some sweet tricks.

Ok so it was fake. You probably caught the rope dangling from the front tire in the previous picture. (or not HA!)

CX500 car.

All in all it was a good time. We moved through everything pretty quickly because it was so hot out. About 15 glasses of refreshments at a local diner and we hit the road. "Hey, do you know anyone with a pool?"

Last picture. What the hell man!?! 92 octane? What a freakin rip. F.U. P.A.!

hah. Fupa.