Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WHCM 2010

We hit the road for the World Honda Chopper Meet 10th Anniversary this past Tuesday. This was by far the best party at the roost to date.

If you'll take a look at the main photo at the top of the blog, it was taken at the same campsite we got this year. You have to check out the Rider's Roost.

There were no troubles on the way down until we hit Harrisonburg, VA. We had stopped to hit up an old restaurant I used to go to all the time and while we were eating, the skies decided to open up and turn the back end of our truck into a pool.

Yes, the parking lot even flooded up to the bumpers of the cars.

After a good amount of cleaning and pitching water, we hit the road. Eventually running out of gas. No problem though. Two gallons on the trailer.

Stupid EGR valve. Stupid Chevy!

Down in Southern VA, rolling through the hills. It's one of the best parts of the trip... Aside from actually getting to the Roost.

Another gas stop and a leg stretch.

We made it to Wilkesboro in time for some dinner at Glenn's. They have the best Livermush. Ohh and 50 million milkshake flavors.

Time to relax. We set up the tent's and got to the important stuff.

Drinking and sitting in the crisp creek. Washing away the sores of the day.

Unfortunately there is a fellow member who has created a very interesting tradition. Saran wrapping a few random bikes after everyone's passed out for the night. Funny stuff and it keeps the dew off your bike.

If you build it long enough they'll eventually run out of wrap.

All's good on the home front my friends.

Would you ride 3000 miles if the good side of your front tire looked like this? Junk Yard Jon would... And did. Balls out.

Ok now, to the show. Here's a bunch of pictures of the entry bikes. No classes, just a good old show. BC and Dave, co-creator and co-owner, respectively, of the Riders Roost judged the show.

3rd place and People's Choice Award, Vince.

2nd place winner, Gurnee.

While the show was going on, it was a good time for some shade tree tuning. Toecutter, a local friend asked me to tune up his old superbike. I did a few things including setting the valves, which were way out. I'll show a little "how-to" on this later.

Trophy time! There was a four way tie for People's Choice. Me included. To solve the issue, you hollered for who you wanted to win. The choice was clear and Vince took home the Peoples Choice. His bike is the up top with the red and white tank and red saddle bag on a Tigman hardtailed stock frame with wrapped 4-1. Great looking bar hopper. Vince also took 3rd place overall.

Gurnee took 2nd place with his red modified stock frame bagger. The mods to the frame were extensive, clean, and well thought out. The 3d flame job was subtle but definitely eye-catching. Great job Gurnee!

The 1st place winner was yours truely. 1st MC trophy. I was on cloud 9 my friends. On top of that, right after I won, I get a picture of a bunch of goodies Jeff at Saint Motorbikes scored for me. My face hurt for a full day from grinning ear to ear.

Here's carl with his loot. A busted clarinet and a participation trophy.
At the midnight auction and raffle, the Maryland boys cleaned up. Carl won a hand tooled leather seat, John won a Cycle One Manufacturing hardtail section, and I won a Cycle One Manufacturing hardtail frame! Unfortunately I was to happy and having way to good of a time to remember to take pictures so I snagged one shot of my new frame before heading to bed on a nearby picnic table.

On the way back home, we decided to throw on some imaginary parts and take the new frame out for a spin. This thing rocks! I know, it wasnt registered or tagged yet, but I didnt get caught.

One last shot back at home. I dropped off a bunch of stuff at John's place and finished up the drive. 1st place at the show, hardtail frame from Cycle One, won a door prize, John and Carl won the other big raffle prizes. Damn it was a good time. The best part of all of it though had to be the people. You've all heard the saying "You meet the nicest people on a Honda." Come check out the next WHCM and you will see. It's like a family reunion. Not to mention the hospitality at the Rider's Roost. You can't find nicer people anywhere.

Honda Choppers Rule!

Now get the ants out of your pants Jeff. Here's your writeup!