Monday, August 15, 2011

Wheel Covers for Saint

Some day I'll learn to avoid Jeff at Saint Motorbikes when he gets a new idea into his head. On his latest bike he decided he wanted 'salt flat inspired wheels'. He asked if I could cut out a set of covers for him to make a modern pair of sportbike wheels look like a vintage set of salt racing rims. After a lot of figuring I bolted a blank down to the rotary table and spent the next couple hours working away at it while Jeff took pictures and wandered around the shop. The result was actually quite convincing. Fortunately, attaching it and clearing the caliper is Jeff's problem. Mine is making 3 more of these exactly like the first.

Friday, August 5, 2011

home brewed champagne cider vintage 2008!

I found this out in the garage. It was my first attempt at hard cider. Really hard cider. It specs at about 18% alcohol.... Proof: One bottle made 250 lbs of Carl sloshed.

It is incredibly dry, but with this accidental aging, it has become very clear and somewhat flavorful. 11 bottles left! Woohoo!

Im going to make another couple batches for the fall using different recipes. One strong again, and one about 8-10% with the aim of a strongbow or dryer flavor.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

insulating the shop...errr shed

I just boxed up all of my goods from the shed so i can finally insulate, and add ac and heat. Working on multiple projects in a shared 12x25 ft shed is already hard enough. I might as well be comfortably cramped.
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