Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tell your Dad you love them.

No matter blood or not, someone in your life put you before them. Thank that person so they know how much you mean to them.

Thanks Dad, for everything. I hope I can do as good a job as you did.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hual yeah.

The bike hauler/ family car has been upgraded. Now i wont have to.shove full bikes in the back of it. Fifty smackers for a used tow hitch and twenty minutes of work. Can't beat that.
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The British and European Show 2011

The BMVW made its inaugural ride this past weekend. Roughly 8 miles each way to the British and European Classic Cycle Show 2011. There are plenty of kinks to work out, but I was grinning like an idiot after the ride. This thing is a blast. I ended up in the "European Custom" class, which made sense to me. Unfortunately the judge for the class was a real jerk about it, actually telling me to my face that my participation ribbon would be 'the best thing on that bike'. Whatever, though, the bike drew a crowd all day and everyone else thought it was very cool. I'm just happy it made it there and back and started on a few kicks even when people were watching.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This makes me happy

Ready to go cb's. I am a bit partial, but this is the sexiest shed I've seen.
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Supercharged gl1000 Project.

Started working on this little adventure. It will end up in a trike that is being built by a gentleman known as Swisher Red. Im still sourcing the sc but in the mean time, i can work on the plenum a bit and get everything else in working order. If anyone knows where i can get my hands on a nice aisin 500 sc or equivalent sc good for 600 cc per rev please give me a holler.

While I was working on the gl one of the neighborhood kids stopped by to chill wiff da Grimace. We discussed magnetism and how to determine ferrous metal from non-ferrous metal. We then got into how a valve train works and what an engine does. That's a lot for a 1st grader but Jacob is one smart cookie.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fighting the Crazy: Carl's brain seepage spilled onto the interwebs

Carl is a long time friend of ours and he's decided to start slinging verbage about his hobbies so other people can learn and enjoy what he does. From what I can gather about Carl, the blog will cover photography, motoring, a variety of perspectives on daily life and culture, random brain dumps, and Grandfather salad. One thing I'm sure about is that it will be interesting. I'll be following along and I suggest you check it out too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Aliiiiiiivvvvvveeee!!!

BM-V-W is officially a runner again. Since finishing up the carb rebuild I've replaced all the fluids from front to back and temporarily fixed the throttle (until I can find a replacement). The petcock is rebuilt, but the tank isn't flushed out yet and I don't have the petcock-to-tank gasket so I can't put that back on yet. All I did to the bike is clean the points and fill up the bowls on the carbs with gas. I had to hotwire it too because I can't find the key now. Check it out:

Oh, and it blew a plume of rust all over the garage floor from the mufflers.

Still plenty of work to be done. Find key, fix wiring, replace tires, adjust brakes, mount seat... Stay tuned!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Broke in the new wagon

1200 lbs of goods. Mmmmmm.

The new pile of engines is home. The shop needs some reorganizing.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drill your jets for cheap upsizing.

A bit like this one costs about a buck. I rarely ever use 105 jets so i recut them to whatever size i need at the time. Buy a few of each size bit you need and you're set. They do break easy.

When you're drilling, make sure your jet is secure and go slowly. Don't force anything. You want a nice straight, clean bore. Once you have it bored to the new size, scratch out the old numbers and etch the new ones in for future reference.
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Zitrone-Partei !!!

The vee-dub needs clean carbs. More so than my other bikes because it's a kick-only, 1200cc 4-cyl, with a stubby kicker that only gets through one cylinder's compression stroke per kick. If it isn't ready to run I'll be there all day, and this is what I've got to start with in terms of carbs:

Looks worse than it really is, but there's probably all kinds of corrosion and crud inside the little passages too. What to do? Zitrone Partei!!!

Step 1 - Wait til your wife isn't home

Step 2 - Fill a pot with a bottle or two of straight lemon juice from your local grocery store. Start it heating, but keep an eye on it because once it starts boiling it'll foam and overflow if you don't turn the heat down.

Step 3 - Fill another pot with a water/baking soda solution to neutralize the acid after you clean the carbs. Stir in baking soda til it won't dissolve any more in warm water.

Step 4 - Once the juice is boiling turn the heat down to a simmer and dunk your parts in there. Keep a close watch on it that it doesn't foam too much or you'll end up with a hell of a mess.

Step 5 - After 10 minutes or so per part, take the part out and run it under the faucet to wash off most of the juice. Dunk it in the baking soda solution, then rinse it again and blow it out with an air hose.

And now I've got spotlessly clean carbs inside:

At this point I could have cleaned up the outsides more, but then they would look wrong on the bike. All I wanted to do was get all the corrosion and old gas out of the little tiny ports everywhere, and lemon juice does just that. No scrubbing at all, just dissolves it away.

More to come soon...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

War Bagel: The Cafe' That Got Away.

War Bagel went off to a new home from the Timonium Motorcycle Show. There were a lot of people interested in it, and it ended up selling twice. The story is too long for me to type this morning.

This bike ended up coming together very nicely. Even with the bulky gas tank and the odd frame shape of the DOHC CB, it's a very nice looking bike. I wasn't able to get many pictures of the bike, so these are a few that my friend shot as I was loading it up in the buyer's truck. The bike is a scion gray (can't remember the name) and true black. The engine covers are gray to match the tank panel colors. The tail is all steel and all of the electrics are hidden under a panel behind the engine and up in the headlight. Clip-ons, dual gauges, a good lean to the front, and a very comfortable leather upholstered seat. This bike was quick and sounded great with the Jarden exhaust system.

Monday, May 2, 2011

KMP: On the Road Again

Kevins bike is up and running again. Sounds great and fires right up. Its running rich through the midrange so the needles have to come down. A little more tuning and some rewelding and it'll be back in the hands of its owner.

A little wheel speed spin is a good thing. My pops is gittin tuffffff.
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