Monday, November 5, 2012

BV is up on the Bay!

It was rebuilt in 2010, has a custom front end with internal brake lines, raked frame, widened swingarm and rear fender, new chrome bits, and an Acewell digital speedo with a slew of options.  This bike was designed and assembled with great care.  The front end is raked internally to drop the trail to 3".  It is adjustable to remove the internal rake, but the trail jumps to somewhere around 18 inches.  The engine is a late model 77/78 engine with new gaskets and a rebuilt ARD Engineering Magneto.  The round top carbs are super clean and the bike starts right up every time.  Chrome is in great shape, easily a 9 out of 10.  Only a few spots and nothing a little wax wont take care of.  The paint is in great shape as well.  Seat upholstery is perfect, tires have many many miles left on them, brake pads are in good shape, etc etc.  The exhaust is an old set of 1-4-2-3 crossovers with header wrap.  The sound of the pipes is incredible.  A lot of bass and an overall great sound all the way through to 10,000 rpm.  This bike is in great shape and is 100 % ready to ride.

This bike is a blast to ride and I'm really going to miss it.  There are so many things about it that go against what a typical long bike is.  3 inches of trail makes it carve nicely in the corners.  It's responsive and agile.  The 75* of free rotation in the front end give you a turning radius better than some new cruisers.  The magneto gives it both visual and audible character.  The twin discs up front allow you to use the front brake with confidence and no twist.

There are many things I'll miss:  Laying back and sliding around the corners.  Ripping the throttle wide open and watching the girder links rise up.  Pulling up next to cars that are shorter.  All of the questions like "how the hell do you ride that?".  It's a breeze.  Ride what you build and ride the piss out of it.

I'll definitely miss the Ol' Bat Vagina.  Yep, that's the name. Enjoy.