Monday, July 18, 2016

1978 CB550K finished

The 550 has been wrapped up for some time now. I've just been having too much fun with it to post. I put about 1000 miles on it with the factory suspension, then had my son install progessive rear shocks, 15 WT oil up front, and a steering stabilizer. The ride is substantially better now.

Mike enjoyed seeing the bike back together and I hope he can put some miles on it soon.

I threw in some pre-restoration pics for reference.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A little turbo project in the works

Another boy comin down the line. Woohoo!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

CB550 Torn Down.

It runs, has good compression, ignition, the whole nine yards. An hour after it ran, it was down to the frame and engine.

Everything will get a good polish or a new coat of paint. The wheels will be rebuilt with Borrani style aluminum rims. The frame will be repainted with Interlux Brightside single stage poly. Brightside is a very durable, easy to use, self leveling paint used for boat hulls. The engine will be cleaned and repainted with either VHT or Duplicolor aluminum. I haven't decided yet. The fuel tank will be shot with single stage and the emblems will get a polish and new paint using modeling paints. Any rubber bits that are salvageable will get treated with conditioner. And I'm thinking Dunlop K70 tires. Not sure on that though.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cleaning out a fuel tank with vinegar

This is a followup to a previous post. Thanks for reminding me Shep.

The CB550 tank was a mess of rust and varnish inside so I used a mild acid called vinegar to clean it out. The vinegar sat in the tank for about 5 days and was shaken now and then to agitate it.

When I poured it out, it was yellow, gritty, and filled with fine chunks of rust and varnish. The inside of the tank looked like bare metal with brazing spots. It was quite clean and was enjoying a bit of flash rusting before I could take a good picture. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any before pictures, and the after pictures don't do it justice. There is an after picture below. 

So does vinegar work to derust a tank? 

Yes. I would say so.

Is it easier to deal with than say, MEK?

Umm. I shouldn't have to answer that, but yes. Yes it is. Vinegar doesn't cause skeletal birth defects. Also, it's easier to dispose.

Do you really have to wait 5 days for it to clean the tank?

I don't know. I didn't have time to check it for a few days but based on the results, I'd bet it would do a fantastic job in 48 hours.

Was it easy?

Filling something up and forgetting about it for a while is pretty darn easy. I can forget things without even trying.

Progress on the CB550

Carbs are cleaned and ready to be assembled, Ignition system is tuned up, and now I'm just waiting on parts so I can get the engine fully running.
In the mean time, I had to at least hear it fire up. So I sprayed some carb cleaner down the ports and gave the starter a spin. It ran for a few seconds.
Very happy.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mike's 1978 CB550. New Restoration Project

This is my uncles bike. He bought it new in 1978 down in North Carolina. He rode it around until the mid 80's and it was parked in his garage for the next 30 years. 

I would love to do a complete restoration on it but the amount of corrosion warrants replacing some potentially pricey items. So for now, we'll be getting it operational, repainting and managing the rust as best we can. New chrome might come later if I can find a nice set of pipes and fenders.