Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bore Scoping a Couple of CB750s

I borrowed my friends bore scope just to poke around a bit.  Did I find anything interesting?  Ehh, I'll leave that up to you.  It's not the best scope but it was good for some more than basic diagnostics.  It was fun to poke around.

Here are a few shots from my 836 engine.  Ported head, oversized intake valves, and about 10k on it. The #4 cylinder burns a tiny bit of oil noticeable on startup.
#4 cylinder

 #4 cylinder.  Hone-y isnt it.

#4 cylinder
#1 cylinder.  More carbon.

#1 cylinder.

#1 cylinder
#2 Intake Valve

#3 intake Valve

The next engine is a 1978 F3 but the top end was rebuilt with K model parts.  No clue if it's any good. I found some debris, rust, and what looks like bad honing patterns. The #4 intake spigot is also broken but that's another story:
#1 cylinder

#2 cylinder.  Maybe has a little rust from sitting on the right side of the picture

#3 cylinder.

#4 cylinder.  It has some debris in it.
Ohh and I found a little kernel in the #4 intake.

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