Friday, August 7, 2015

CB550 Torn Down.

It runs, has good compression, ignition, the whole nine yards. An hour after it ran, it was down to the frame and engine.

Everything will get a good polish or a new coat of paint. The wheels will be rebuilt with Borrani style aluminum rims. The frame will be repainted with Interlux Brightside single stage poly. Brightside is a very durable, easy to use, self leveling paint used for boat hulls. The engine will be cleaned and repainted with either VHT or Duplicolor aluminum. I haven't decided yet. The fuel tank will be shot with single stage and the emblems will get a polish and new paint using modeling paints. Any rubber bits that are salvageable will get treated with conditioner. And I'm thinking Dunlop K70 tires. Not sure on that though.

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